For use with DuScriptUI.
A picker for layers with labels.
This is not a real class, and cannot be instanciated.
Use DuScriptUI.layerPickerDialog to create a picker.
The picker inherits the Group object from ScriptUI and has all of its properties and methods.

# new DuAELayerPickerDialog()

Name Type Description
layerPicker DuAELayerPicker The layer picker inside the dialog.
accepted bool This property is true if the user has clicked the OK button, false otherwise.

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# static addSelector() → {DuAELayerSelector}

Adds a new line on the DuAELayerPickerThis is a convenience function equivalent to DuAELayerPickerDialog.layerPicker.addSelector.

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The added DuAELayerSelector

# static getLayers() → {Array.<Layer>}

Gets the layers picked by the user.

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The layers picked (null if the user has set none in the selector), in the display order.

# static removeAll()

Empties the DuAELayerPicker
This is a convenience function equivalent to DuAELayerPickerDialog.layerPicker.removeAll.

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Type Definitions

# onAccept()

The function called when the dialog is accepted.

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